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Anaga Rural Park, where is it and what to see?

Anaga is a Rural Park in the North East of Tenerife Island. Anaga is a park in the Tenerife mountains with sharp peaks and deep ravines. Here you will enjoy carpets of laurel trees dotted with charming hamlets.

Anaga is less than an hour’s drive from Santa Cruz, the capital of the island. Also, it is near La Laguna, a Unesco World Heritage Site, that also worth the visit. We highly recommend exploring Anaga. It will be a journey to a place that has an authentic rural flavor, and you will really live the nature of the Island, far from the tourists.

But, let’s see what to see in Anaga!

One-day trip to Anaga

If you are staying in the capital, Santa Cruz, you can plan a one-day trip to Anaga. Indeed, it’s just 1-hour drive from the city. 

The best tour would include a visit to the visitors center at Cruz del Carmen, on the TF-1 road. Then, you could take a walk along the Vueltas de Taganana pathway. Here you will enjoy the best views of the lush laurel forest. Also, if you would like to, you can take a swim in the sea, and have a plate of fresh fish at Benijo beach, one of the best around there. Also, we suggest a visit to the Roque de Las Bodegas.

If you are too tired to drive, you can stay at Montes de Anaga, an official hostel with very good prices. Or can choose one of the many rural hotels or bed and breakfasts in the park.

anaga tour tenerife

What are the rules for visiting Anaga? 

When you visit Anaga, you will have to remember some important rules, made to respect the environment. 

First of all, don’t leave waste of any type lying around, including cigarette butts. If you have leftover, bring them with you. Indeed, food waste leads to a proliferation of rats and wild cats, which pose a serious threat to the local fauna. 

Always remember to respect the wild animals. Do not bother them or feed them, since they have their own diet. If you see an injured animal, please call the emergency number: 112, and do not touch them.

Also, do not pick flowers or plants, stones, or any other item from the natural environment. 

For your own safety, do not walk in areas where it is not allowed, and respect the signposting along trails. Leaving the set paths causes damage to the environment and could be dangerous for you. 

Last but not least, do not light any fire outside the permitted areas, and be especially careful during the summer months. Please respect the natural sounds and do not listen to high-volume music. 

Do I need to pay for a ticket to visit Anaga? 

Anaga is a natural park, and it’s free. You can choose among the several Hiking Trails that lead to the beautiful beaches of the island. 

On the other side, we would recommend you book a guided tour, in order to fully enjoy the day and save time.

Anaga beach

How to book a trip to Anaga? 

There are several options if you would like to visit the Anaga park in one day. 

If you are staying in South Tenerife, you can choose a one-day trip that will lead you to the discovery of Laguna, Anaga Park, Taganana, and the Playa de Benijo and finishes at Playa de las Teresitas. 

On this one-day Trip, you will meet your transfer in front of your hotel, and leave for Laguna. You will then have a quick visit to the center of Laguna, including the Cathedral, la Iglesia de la Concepción. 

Then, you will arrive at Anaga Park, where the first stop is Mirador de las Mercedes. A scenic spot and viewpoint of great interest. Afterward, you will visit Cruz del Carmen for a stopover in the Ermita de Nuestra Senora del Carmen. This is the visitors center for de Anaga and Pico Mirador del Ingles. 

Then you will enjoy a typical Canarian Lunch, before leaving for Taganana and the Playa de Benijo. This is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Tenerife. You will also see the Playa de Las Teresitas, and swim in the beautiful Canarian sea. 

The tour will finish with a visit to Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife. Here you will visit the Plaza de Espana, the central square, site of the palace of the Cabildo de Tenerife. 

What to do in Tenerife? 

Depending on the stay you are planning, you can book excursions that can help you discover the island.

We strongly advise booking in advance for your excursions, tours, or transfers in Tenerife. Also, since it’s easy to withdraw in local ATMs or to pay by Credit Card, we advise you not to bring too much cash with you. The criminality rate is low on the island, but it’s never too safe to travel with a lot of cash. 

Now you know everything about health insurance in Tenerife, contact us if you would like to have more information regarding the services you can book in advance.