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What is the time in Tenerife

Do you want to know what is the time in Tenerife? We will help you with this article. When travelling, one of the first things you should be aware of is the time zone. Tenerife has a lot of activities and tours to offer. But you should organize and book according to your flight schedule and your plans.

In this article, we will see the Tenerife Time Zone, the difference from the World’s main Cities, and the time difference between Tenerife and The UK and what is the time in Tenerife.

what is-the-time-in-tenerife-

Tenerife Time Zone

In autumn and winter, Tenerife’s time zone is Western European Time (WET), UTC +0.

While, during the spring and summer seasons, there’s the Western European Summer Time (WEST), UTC +1. Sometimes it could be complicated to understand what is the time in Tenerife. But, you can always check on the main websites to be sure that you are in the right time zone and season.

In 2019, the Summer Time will start on March 31. This means that the time zone is the same as the UK and the majority of the European Countries.[/vc_column_text][mk_table title=”What is the Time in Tenerife – Time difference”]

CityTime Difference from Tenerife
Los Angeles– 8 hours
New York– 5 hours
Istanbul+ 3 hours
Dubai+ 4 hours
Singapore+ 8 hours
Tokyo+ 9 hours
Sydney+ 11 hours

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Is there a time difference between Tenerife and the UK?

Remember that during the winter time, there is no difference between Tenerife and the UK. Although, daylight hours are longer in Tenerife. For instance, the sunrise is usually around 7.45 am. And, does not get dark until about 6.30/7 pm.

Best tours and services in Tenerife

According to the time of the year you are travelling, there are several services or activities that you can plan and book from home. For instance, you could choose one of our Day trips. Or one of our Shore Excursions, to visit the best places of the island with our expert guides.

Always check the time difference when booking one of our transfers. You should always know what is the time in Tenerife. This will allow you to enjoy your holidays and not worry about the time and schedules.