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Is it worth taking out health insurance?

When traveling to Spain and Tenerife, you might need health insurance. Indeed, if you are a European Citizen it’s not mandatory, but highly suggested. On the other hand, if you are not European, health insurance might be necessary. In order to avoid high fees from the local health system, we recommend you to read carefully this article, before booking your holiday to Tenerife.

Do I need to get an insurance?

If you are in doubt that it is worth taking out health insurance when traveling to Tenerife, we will help you find it out! Indeed, you will need some identity documents, for sure. But it’s not always clear if insurance is mandatory or just highly suggested. Let’s find it out!


Which documents do I need to travel to Tenerife? 

You have chosen to go on holiday to to Tenerife, and you are ready to enjoy your holiday. Being part of the European Union, no administrative formalities are necessary to enter the country. Your valid ID or Passport will be fine. However, please consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to check the validity of your documents. But is it worth taking out health insurance to travel to Tenerife? Let’s see it in the next paragraph.

Do I need health insurance? 

Regardless of the length of your stay, it is advisable to take out travel insurance for the Country, including medical repatriation and medical expenses that may be necessary in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In fact, although citizens traveling to Spain can receive the necessary treatment as they would in their country (if they have a Health Card), any repatriation by air or transfer to another country to receive the necessary treatment may not be covered by the National Health Service.

But let’s see how it works. 

Travel insurance - tour tenerife

Health insurance in Europe

If you are a European Citizen, you are entitled to free first aid treatments all over the European Countries. You will only need to show your ID and Security Health Card from your country. 

If you are not a European Citizen, you will still be entitled to such right, but afterward, your country’s health system might ask you to pay for the meds. 

Also, travel insurance can protect you against other things that might go wrong, such as canceling or cutting short your trip for reasons beyond your control, missed transport, or delayed departure for reasons beyond your control, and medical and other emergencies. 

health insurance Tenerife

Is it worth taking out health insurance?

Tenerife is not a typically dangerous country, but certain precautions are nevertheless necessary and recommended to travel safely and enjoy your stay to the fullest. In the most crowded tourist places, as well as in the seaside resorts, especially the islands where there are more international tourists, episodes of pickpocketing or robbery are frequent.

For this reason, it is advisable to have insurance that does not cover only health issues, but also these kinds of problems you might have during your holidays. 

Which health insurance should I choose?

If you are still wondering if is it worth taking out health insurance, we say YES!

Indeed, in the unlikely event that you need any kind of hospital treatment, Tenerife strongly advises full travel insurance to cover all eventualities. The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) allows all EU residents to have access to state-provided health care at a lower cost or entirely free of charge. But you might have any extra that are not covered by the general insurance. 

Also, health insurance in Europe is not so expensive. If you book a holiday, let’s say, for around 1000 euros, the insurance could cost between 15 and 25 euros. 

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Health Insurance: price

You need to make sure you find a health insurance policy with comprehensive coverage. When it comes to medical coverage you need to be extra careful. Indeed, you should check if the policy covers the exact countries you’ll be visiting. In this case, check if it covers Tenerife. Also, read if other benefits such as trip cancellation, repatriation, and lost/damaged items, are included in the policy. 

Usually, health insurance price varies from 15 to 60 euros, and it covers first aid and hospitalization. 

What to do in Tenerife? 

Depending on the stay you are planning, you can book excursions that can help you discover the island.

We strongly advise booking in advance for your excursions, tours, or transfers in Tenerife. Also, since it’s easy to withdraw in local ATMs or to pay by Credit Card, we advise you not to bring too much cash with you. The criminality rate is low on the island, but it’s never too safe to travel with a lot of cash. 

Now you know everything about health insurance in Tenerife, contact us if you would like to have more information regarding the services you can book in advance.