Fiesta de San Juan

Fiesta de San Juan in Tenerife

When traveling to Spain and Tenerife, you might be aware of all the celebrations. La Fiesta de San Juan is one of the most famous and loved by the local population. It celebrates the beginning of Summer and the start of a new season. The celebration is on June 23rd, so if you are planning your holiday in Tenerife, you should be aware of this date.

What is la Fiesta de San Juan?

On June 23rd, every year Tenerife celebrates the Noche de San Juan. This day marks the arrival of summer and it’s a symbol of new beginnings.

Usually, on Playa de Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz, this day is celebrated by thousands of people who organize a beach festival. The beach is divided into 3 bays. And, during Noche de San Juan, every bay has its own parties.

The beach of Punta Brava is the one with young people, having parties, raves, and music until late at night. Indeed, here hundreds of teenagers celebrate, with bonfires, camping, swimming, and music until early morning lights.

On the next beach, you will find more people having a quiet evening, enjoying a refreshing beer and a picnic, turning on little bonfires, and swimming in the ocean at sunset.

The biggest party in Tenerife is at the beach closest to the city. Here, you will find hundreds of people celebrating on the beach, with a huge bonfire organized by the municipality and a concert starting at sunset. You will also allowed to camp, but we suggest you to put up your tent early in the day and enjoy the beach all day until the party starts. 

Where to stay during la Fiesta de San Juan in Tenerife? 

Since the main parties are in Puerto de la Cruz, we suggest looking for a place nearby. Be aware that prices might increase in the area, due to the high season and the celebration. You can also choose among the numerous villages and towns nearby. 

In Puerto de la Cruz you will find a wide variety of accommodations. Depending on your budget, you will find hotels, hostels, tourist houses, and camping. 

You can also book an exclusive tour of the Island, to enjoy the best places with local guides and experts. 

What to do in Tenerife during your holidays? 

Depending on the stay you are planning, you can book excursions that can help you discover the island.

We strongly advise booking in advance for your excursions, tours, or transfers in Tenerife. Also, since it’s easy to withdraw in local ATMs or to pay by Credit Card, we advise you not to bring too much cash with you. The criminality rate is low on the island, but it’s never too safe to travel with a lot of cash. 

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