Grand Tour Tenerife

tours tenerife - private tenerife excursions tours


tours tenerife - private tenerife excursions tours

Tenerife Tour Code: DT01
Duration: 8 Hours


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Puerto Santiago – La Arena

The Tenerife Tour starts in Puerto Santiago. Puerto Santiago is a small coastal village, with a spectacular views on the cliffs of Los Gigantes. They reach heights of as much as 600 m (1,970 ft) above sea level. Also, the municipality has other attractions provided by the sea.

In addition, on the coast, the seaside of La Arena is one of the most picturesque on the Island. The Chinyero volcano and the pottery and ethnography museum, Cha Domitila, are two of the village’s main attractions.


Santiago’s Valley

Sunset Teide Tour Tenerife Day Trips - Tenerife Excursions Tenerife Tours

Next stop for the Grand Tour Tenerife is Santiago del Teide. This is a small town, located 1000 m above sea level in the magnificent Santiago’s Valley. Here we will visit the old town. You will discover the two adjacent buildings. These are the church San Fernando Rey, built in the 17th century, and the Casa del Patio.

Icod de los Vinos – Museum of Malvasia

After, the Tenerife Day trip arrive in Icod de los Vinos. This is famous because is the home of the famous dragon tree. This dragon is one of the most important natural symbols of Tenerife. In 1917 Spain declared it national monument. The tree is 22 m high, with a lower trunk diameter of 10 m, and an estimated weight of 70 tons.

It’s claimed to be a thousand years old. This gave it its local name, El Drago Milenario: the Thousand-Year-Old Dragon. Icod de Los Vinos owes its name to the delicious wines and the great amount of vineyards. These make up the most important source of production of this area.

Therefore we really reccomend to visit the Museum of Malvasia in this Tenreirfe Day Trip. Indeed this will be an ideal place to taste local food and wines.

Los Gigantes-Masca Garachico-Icod - Tenerife Day Trips - Tenerife Excursions Tenerife Tours

La Orotava

And the next Stop of the Grand Tour Tenerife Day Trip is La Orotava, famous for its many churches and monasteries. The two most distinctive are the Iglesia de la Concepción – a gothic masterpiece, and the Iglesia de San Agustín – a baroque masterpiece.

Garden lovers will enjoy the well tended beds of the formal Victoria Gardens. You will also enjoy the beautiful abundant tropical perfusion of the botanical gardens.

Moreover, we will discover the Casa de los Balcones, famous for its flamboyant balconies. We will meander through the splendid inner courtyards with their views over the valley. Casa Méndez-Fonseca has a particularly dramatic inner courtyard and a peculiar museum upstairs.

El Sauzal

After La Orotava, the Grand Tour Tenerife we will arrive at El Sauzal. This village is situated between Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz. It’s a charming village with gorgeous views of Mount Teide and the sea.

In addition we suggest you to visit to the Casa de la Miel y el Vino. This is famous to be the house of Honey and Wine. The Casa is a great place to discover and taste the Island’s most typical products. So you have an amazing wine and honey tasting experience.

There are individual zones within the complex spotlighting various aspects of local agriculture. Some of them are the tasting room and wine museum. Another one is a honey education center with tastings.

Also don’t miss an interpretive center focusing on agro-diversity. You will find also a garden which showcases the various grape vines grown at the Casa. Here you can discover the lives of the share croppers.


Finally, the last Tenerife Tour stop is Candelaria, a delightful little fishing village. Here we will visit the cathedral which is home to the patron saint of the Canary archipelago.

Other attraction is the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Candelaria. This is the location of the first shrine dedicated to Mary on the Canary Islands.


tenerife tours excursions - private tenerife excursions tours


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tours tenerife - private tenerife excursions tours

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